Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saturday Outing!

Week after week we have wanted to go with some friends of ours on an adventure to Bainbridge Island (30 min ferry ride from Seattle), but either their girls were sick or the weather was not cooperative. FINALLY, it happened Saturday!!!!!! Taylor didn't have to work (his first day off since he got hired, we love those samples) and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather (in February) so off we went.
We were blessed for waiting because our friends had just purchased a van so we all could fit in one car so we didn't have to pay for two cars! Also, we found out our friend's family sill lives there so she knows the area (no need to look up things to do).

We had lunch on the ferry so when we got to land we could play!!! The park was our first stop! Brennan loves the swings and sad to report the swings had been taken out of this park so he settled for the slide and monkey bars (with Taylor's help of course). He was okay with out the swings because that meant he could try something new!
Then we walked down to the water to throw rocks and listen to the waves! Then it was back to the park to play tag.

Then it was off to look at all the fun little shops and grab a bit to eat. After looking for a bit, we found a place on the water, and man was it yummmmmmmy! Brennan loved the bread as well as dad's veggies and to top him off he had some clam chowder. Taylor tried the crab cakes and I ordered a salmon linguine!!!!

We finished off the trip with the ferry ride back to Seattle just as it started to sprinkle and got dark!