Monday, August 31, 2009

One little monkey

He has done this since he was 6 weeks old but I am just now getting it documented! The first time I thought was just by accident because I set him on his stomach and walked into the kitchen to put some dishes away and when I came back he was on his back. I asked Taylor if he had flipped him over but that was a negative, so I put him on his stomach again, watching closely this time! He did it again!!!! Mornings are his happy time so every morning he and I would play, getting 3 rolls out of him before he was tired. Since we have moved and there are more people around he learned that if he cried they would flip him over so he stopped liking his stomach, but as you can see he is back to being happy and playing on his stomach. It won't be long before I am chasing him around!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Who does he look like?



Like Father Like Son

Adam with Taylor

Taylor with Brennan




We have had a lot of love come our way!!!!! Here are just a few high lights of the family and friends that have taken time to show us their support! We couldn't have done it without you!!!!!! Those of you that have not been able to come see us your love has been felt through so many other ways!!!!! (WE STILL LOVE YOU)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sleeping Handsome

At such a young age he has a prefrence of how he sleeps!
Hands close to his face

We have to wrap him like a burrito inorder for him to stay asleep other wise he gets his hands out. With his hands out, he nap jerks and wakes himself up. This is what you get when he wakes up!

The love of a Father

A picture is worth a thousand words!

2 months

He has hit the 2 month mark, which means he visits the DR. He wieghed in at 9.7 lbs. and 24 in. TALL AND SKINNY just like his dad

This also means he gets shots! There was 3 injections with 6 vaccines and he was a stud. The nurse asked if we wanted to put a numbing cream on first, but we opted out because most of the sting is the liquid entering not the needle. Here are the battle wounds. He was a bit clingy the next 24 hours but other than that he was fine.

The sun was bright that day so I had a blanket over him as we walked to the car. I didn't take it off before I put him in his seat because the seat had gotten hot. He was drained, can you tell!

Changing diapers

Rookies = Taylor and his sister

Taylor's first diaper change was an adventure he was not planning on. I was coaching him through as well as being amused with his concentration so I didn't notice what Brennan had done. It was a poopie one so as Taylor cleaned the bum he had the legs held in the air which means the gun was pointed at Brennan's face. The gun fired but was not discovered until Taylor started to button up the Onesie. It was WET as well as Brennan's face and the blanket he was laying on!!!!! A diaper change quickly turned into a complete outfit change and a bath! Needless to say Taylor has learned his lesson and is a CHAMP now!!!!! Thank you for not giving up DAD!!!


As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints infants are given a priesthood blessing to begin their life as well as the name by which they will be known. For Brennan this happened July 5th. We were privileged to have several family and friends there to show their love and support.

Travelers were:
Arizona gang **my dad and Bobbie, my brother Tod and his family and my sister Jo Idaho **Taylor's sister Darcie had a long weekend from school

Locals were:
Taylor's parents
Taylor's uncle Josh and family
Tom and Debbie Davis

THANK YOU to all those for making the trip as well as those who send there love through thoughts and prayers. We are extremely BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Using the talent my mom shared with me I did make his outfit! What do you think?


Taylor stumbled apon this baby tool.

While on his mission he always had a bag of candy in his scripture case to help keep him awake. He has since continued this tradition! One morning as I was getting ready for church Taylor was taking care of Brennan. He happened to be fussy because he was tired but he suddenly stopped as Skittles were poured into a ziploc. For about the next month or so that is how dad put baby to sleep.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missed Holidays

We had dinner at Taylor's parents house with: Adam and Gina (parents) Darcie (sister)Davis (family friends) Uncle David (Taylor's uncle) and Carol (Adam's co-worker). There was lots of food as always! In my family the tradition is to have new dresses for the girls and the boys new white shirts and ties. I happened to be on Spring Break the week previous so I made the skirts. Living my mom's legacy I finished mine that morning before church!! When you start at 1pm there is alot of day to use so I did!

Gina and I were told to pick the menu but it had to be from the BBQ because the men were making dinner. As you can see below this is what they came up with from our request! Not bad!!!!!!!! infact it was better than anything I have made! Thank you males!

Gina wanted to take some pictures of Taylor and I before the baby was born so this is what she got!!

Jo is eating an "elephant ear" which is basically fry bread. They put cinnamon and sugar or strawberry jam on them. We blessed Brennan the next day so Tod and family, Dad and Bobbie as well as Jo joined us for the festivities. It was a packed day with a flag raising ceremony that Taylor and I were on the planning commitee for, two trips to the airport and a fireworks display.


Adam's birthday is May 1st and mine is May 2nd so we always have a good time for two days! We went to Olive Garden for dinner, while there I opened my cards and presents in addition to being sang to in Italian. On the card if you look close you can see Maddy's (my neice) writting (she is growing up on so fast). Adam's present from us was a bib that says VROOM off to grandpa's. We thought that was appropriate because his house is known for pushing food. It will be used there often when the time comes!!! We LOVE you Papa!