Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18th 2012

I didnt write yesterday because I  fell asleep feeding Orion  ... I guess I was tired! a quick run through of events yesterday ... the kids and I went with our friendsCalvin and Kylie to a place full of boucy house/obstacle course ... I didnt get any pictures this time because Iwas the one playing with the kids where as a few months ago when Taylor was jobless we wentand he played while I (pregnant me) watched and took pictures/video so I will have to find those and post them because the place is super fun ... Orion was really awake and kicking his feet as he watched so i took him out of his seat for a bit and took  hin one of the houses that wasnt as bouncy and he loved every minute of it  ... i wanted to slide down one ofr the smaller slides with him but was getting quite a few stare downs andfunny looks so I didn't, after a really long nap Calvin came over so his parents could go on a date ... we made a car town out of cardboard and toilet paper rolls and had dinner before calming down a bit for the movie Rio, Taylor worked and got home just after Calvin came tochange his clothes to play racquetball after which was bed time.

Taylor: worked from home today so I could take Orion to get his shots and didnt have to take all 3 kids like I did the time before, called around and looked at cars to trade the Jeep in for, escorted me to the temple ;)
Amy: took Orion to get his shots ... he didnt get them  when we took him in for his 2 month check up becausse he wasnt old enough yet ...  with  Taylor not sure  when he would start  as a full time employee and switch insurance we took him in 2 weeks earlier and found out  that the state pays for the vaccines all we have to payis for s registration fee ofsome sort because we now dont have insurance until Nov ... we had another  appointment set but all the employees at the office got a virus and didnt want to spread that to our little man, had lunch and then started the car hunt.
Brennan: was bummed he didnt get to go with Orion to get "him check up", loved every minute that he got to wrestle with Taylor while I was gone, he has a thing  with cars ... every car we see despite its color he will say "like Papa's car" "like our car" like Gigi's car"  so when we told him we were going to lookat cars he asked "like Papa's car (thats his  afvorite  ...  he always wants go  with him), enjoyed a night with  Taylorss parents while we were at the temple.

October 17th 2012

Taylor: went to work thinking he would get off around 3 but didnt end up leaving the office until after 5, met the missionaries at the church for a church tour ,headed hometo  read scriptures and say prayers before the kids and then we hung out before he played a bit with his dad.
Amy: made a  fire to take a bit of the chill of, read stories and letter books to the kids,wanted to take them to the park but Brennan went wild man so we didnt get to go, eat lunch but quickly felt sick similar to what happened with brennan yesterday so after i put Brooke down for a nap and got Orion  to sleep to I put 'Wild Kratts' on for brennan and laid down myself to see if that would help and thank goodness it did, played with the kids for a bit before Brennan had  a melt down and screamed for what seemed 20 min or more ... our rule is you are in your room if you cry so i took him there and he continued to try to get out and  i thought it was rather ridiculous the tantrum so i went to grab my phone to record it 1)so Taylor could have a little laugh and 2)show him later what i had to deal with :), made dinner and started another fire so the  house would be some what warm as we tried to go to sleep.
Brennan: has now started throwing tantrums :( not sure where all the emotion is coing from but he cries often and is very aggresive at times with anyone around, goes to his room for a while and then is good for 10min before he flips out about something else ... he always gives me a huge hug and kiss and says I follow directions  I follow directions okay Mom after we talk about why he had to go to his room ... I often wonder how it must feel for our Heavenly Father to watch usmake attempt after attempt  to over come our weaknesses ...   He loves us but may not be pleased with our actions which was a concept that took getting married for me to really grasp and I appreciate  Taylor's patience as I learned, Brennan refused to eat lunch  ... he took one look at it and said cnat like it Mom so he went and continued playing while Brooke and I ate  ... this was not going to end  well but he had made his choice and he knows that we eat whne its meal time not when he  feels it appropriate   ... he is really testing boundaries even  more than usual :(, had a huge melt down before finally getting to get and then asked for more 3 different times,sang  most  of the songson his own as we  waited for Taylor to get home for scriptures which was about 20 min of short kid songs!
Brooke: had one accident this morning but then was free the rest of the day  ...that was all her today too ... I didnt take her I waited for her to tell me and them we sat on the potty,looked at Brenna like he was crazy for acting like  he was but she does the same thing on occasion, had fun playing on her own as I dealt with Brennan  ... she is one that loves to be on her own for a while  but then needs to have people but he doesnt allow her that space because  he needs company all the time.
Orion: doesnt like it at all when there is screaming ...  its interesting that they can feel when there is tention and when there is peace even though they cant see or understand everything thats going on around  them ... he is a good reminder to me thatt Brennan once was that angelic and I need to love  him just the same even though he tries my patience asmuch as possible, i dont know if he got the upset stomach too but he seemed to spit up more today and was fussy right before  it come out every time,loves sitting and watching the fire which makes me want to cuddle with him all day long and not do any  other mom duties, he didnt  take a nap between 6  and 8 like he usually does so when i went to feed him  after the other 2 went to bed he fell asleep so we didnt  get our nightly play time in :(

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15th

Taylor: worked  6-4 today and he must have been super busy with meetings because we didnt hear anything from him all day. most of the time we will get a message at lunch but today was nothing... which isnt a  bad thing we just miss him more, played with the kids before he returned his mom'scarwe had barrowed for the weekend so we didnt have to chance the alarm going off. then went and got atruck load of wood so we can have a fire :)
Amy: tried to teach Brennan and Brooke a lesson this morning by not making breakfast for a while ... they werent ok with the idea of having to wait ... they want somethiing when  they ask for it... i told them that's how i feel when they dont do what Iaske the to do... ot worked for a few hours and then they forgot again :(, organized their drawers  ... put away their shorts and other clothes that  are too small so its a faster process to find clothes and easier to put them away  because they all fit folded nicely, did about 6 batches of laundry, organized my shoes, did the dishes and made dinner before our nightly rountine.
Brennan:  had little better of a day than yesterday, he has started spittingquite often recently and everything i have tried to get him to stop wasnt working so I tried the ole wash your mouth out with soap method and it has worked  so far :), while eatinglunch Brooke was asked to eat her food several times so I ended up taking her plate becuase she was playing with it instead of eating ... she didnt like that so went to brennan for a confort hug  ... he patted her on the back and said its ok 'mom looked im so bigand a good helper' he is a huge helper and a sweetheart which helps me get through those times when he is monster  and refuses to follow directions.
Brooke: Idont knot if her terrible 2's have hit or her teeth coming in are making her crazy but wow she is being so loud and defiant ... she has a high pitch scream that has become of more use as well,  she is doing really well in the morning with no potty accidents but the afternonns are not as successful, her  and Brennan painted pictures read books and played with toys while i folded laundry ... they also had fun with trying to get Orion to play with a little toy he was given by our neighbors,breakfast wa tye only meal she didnt get he food taken from her  which is rare ... she is my inhaler of food.
Orion:  is starting to fight sleep now that he can do more and ismore aware of  the other 2 crazies, Iput couch cushionsaround him today to see how well he would do on his own sitting and he did awesome ... there were a few jolts back and leans to the right but he didnt fold  in half like he has been, he had a super long nap as i folded clothes and listened to music  ...  he most likely will be like the other 2 music lovers i have and he giggled and smiles with me for a good 10 minutes before going to bed tonight ... its our little nightly routine and Im savoring every moment of it because before Im ready he will be joining the other 2 monsters and testing my patience by pushing limits.


Friday: after Taylor  got  off work we decided on a dessert we were  going to take to out game night and headed to the store. We had been trying to plan  this night with 2 other couples for several weeks but one of us was always out of town or had visitors. Wefinally found a day that worked and did it. Oneof the couples is one from our ward who we have been doing date night swaps with and the other is from our old ward who jus happened to know the other couple from west Seattle ... i guess they were meant to be friends or something :) It was decided we were going to make pizza and the kids were going to add the toppings ... we couldnt pull any of the 6 of them away from the toys. after we devoured 3 pizzas it was time for the adults  to play! Outburst was the game that the guys picked and while we played we  enjoyed a little milkand white chocolate fandue.  we were all packing up to go when the was a pounding at the door. it was one of the neighbors saying a car alarm had been going off for 15min. it was ours! there is an electrical problem we randomly found about 2 months ago  that when it rains and the car is parked at a certain angle the alarm goes off and the only way to shut it off is to unhook the battery. we quickly loaded the car in hopes that it wouldnt come back on because some miracle it went off when Taylor started it. the man was not nice about any of it was tried to pick fights with both Taylor and Jeff.
Saturday: Taylor went to the temple as part of our ward's priesthood session while Adam started to take off the popcorn from our ceiling. the kids and I headed off with Gina to a place called Molbacks which is a gardening store but they fun part is every fall they do a little play in the  store. this year it was the Princess and the Pea. there were only 4 charaters which makes it easier for the kids and fun afetrwards because they  can take pictures with all the cast.  after the play we took a few pictures with the kids and pumpkins as well as sticking our heads in a cut for a prepainted scene. Gigi treated us to a pumkin as well as lunch. we then spemd the rest  of the day at her house to allow the boys all the time they needed without having to worry about kids  getting into things or breathing in the popcorn material. at 7 we dropped the kids off at  Calvin's house which meant we got to go on a date! we took our rings to be cleaned and inspected to get their warantee good and then walked around the mall getting a little nit to eat here and a drink there. i have never walked so slow next to Taylor!!! It was fun to take our time and not have to worry about anything.
Sunday: Taylor headed off to a meeting for his new calling as the 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum. Anemail  hadbeen sent out the night before warning the building would be cold because they hadnt gotten te heater fixed yet so we all bundled up and it ended up not being too cold after enough people were there moving around. i dont know what the kids were thinking ... minus Orion ... but they were the worst they have ever been at church. it didnt stop there they were asked to leave nursery because Brennan was hitting and Brooke was pushing as  well as yelling. I didnt know all this happened until wI got in the car. I was horrified and completely embarrassed ... who gets kicked out of nursery? they havent changed much  after we talked to them. brooke is even more defiant and yells 'NO dont want it' or 'NO me want it'... Brennan has tried to  hit me a few times when i have asked him to do soemthing. There is something that switched in them and it needs to change back FAST!!!! We started a fire to see how well it warms the house from where its positioned in the back of the added on portion of the house.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11th 2012

Taylor: worked, played racquetball, bathed the kids, talked insurance with me (now that he is a full time employee for the first time since we have been married as of 10-01-2012) and did a few home repairs before it rains tomorrow.
Amy: prepped meat for tamales for dinner, worked on the "Mystery Mousecatool" to assist in more obedient children, updated a resume in order to possibly work at the gym's kids club, dropped Taylor off at the gym and met the manager to turn in my resume and application, hunted a few stores for pumpkin trash bags to put our leaves in ... was not successful :(, finished the tamales and now blogging after our routine.
Brennan: started off the same as yesterday but I was more rested and talked to him right off letting know we weren't going to have a repeat day which was productive :), worked on the triangle portion of his shapes booklet, colored while I worked on my resume and watched videos of himself on my phone ... he wanted to call Taylor so when he called to let us know he was on the his way home I let Brennan answer the phone and his eye lit up, fell asleep at the last stoplight before our house on the way back from dropping Taylor off at the gym so we had to run the rejuvenated energy off by playing the leaves with Brooke, waited patiently for dinner after his bath ... so much so he almost fell asleep again because he was sitting still and sang "I am a Child of God" on his own before prayer.
Brooke: started the day awesome with telling me 3 different times she needed to go to the bathroom ... the rest of the day I guess she got too busy and forgot because there were too many successful trips, screamed for Taylor as he walked toward the gym ... she said before she began "miss you Dad", inhaled 5 tamales not to mention all the meat she grabbed as I was assembling them and got her wish granted for the song we sang before prayer.
Orion: had an uninterrupted 3 hour nap today, gave Taylor a huge smile when he sees him after work as he always does : ) once again thought he was going to miss something and didn't sleep around 6 so when I feed him at 8 he fell asleep within the first few sucks.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct 10th 2012

Taylor: went to work early so he could hopefully get off early in order for us to work on a side job, worked and got off early like he hoped so he was home at 2pm, arranged for his parents to watch the kids in order for us to get more accomplished, dropped them off, pulled out sticker bushes (blackberry), picked apples and tomatoes with the kids at Papa and Gigi's, dinner with nightly routine and then to bed :)
Amy: had another crazy night with all 3 kids ... shortly after Taylor's alarm went off Orion started crying because he was hungry but I was in the kids room with Brooke (luckily she had fallen back asleep a few minutes before) ... he came in to make sure I had heard the little man and this was his comment "a mother's work is never done, is it?" ... I don't even remember feeding Orion at his usual 2am so either he was exhauseted and slept longer or I was ... I also don't remember Brennan coming in the second time but I woke up to help Brooke who had exceeded her diapers capacity and he was laying next to me, completely lost it with Brennan this morning and he could tell so he pushed even more ... so much that he ended up just laughing at me as I held a screaming Orion in one arm while dragging him to his room because dropped all his weight and wouldn't walk ... as I went back to feeding the little man Brooke saw the tears of frustration and came to sit next to me and said with a very concerned look "no sad mom no sad" ... I then said a prayer asking for patience and ideas of how to help my kids do what they have been asked as well as reward/discipline them when they do and don't ... a few ideas came and I felt renewed so I went in his room and asked him for suggestions of how we were going to make this situation not happen again ... his reply "Oh Toodles! Use a Mystery Mousecatool, Mom" (can you tell he likes to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse?) ... now its my job to figure out which of the Mystery Mousecatools is going to best solve the problem, after lunch I took a nap with Orion in my arms next to Brennan as he watched a new animal movie I found on Netflix (Brooke was in her bed napping too), worked with Taylor, devised a plan for Saturday with Gigi while our husbands de-popcorn our ceiling, nightly routine and now blogging : )
Brennan: was a MONSTER and pushed the very few buttons I had, calmed down and made me laugh as I talked to him with his out of the blue comment, kept Orion and I warm as we napped next to him, excitedly put his shoes and jacket on so he could go to Papa and Gigi's, sang 'Popcorn Popping' on his own before prayer and fell right to sleep again from playing so hard.
Brooke: had another day full of tears which egged Brennan on because it makes me crazy to hear her every few seconds for no real reason, was woken up to go to Taylor's parents house but was the happiest ever because of it, took a ride or 5 in the wheel barrel and added to the other bruises on her head because she doesn't pay much attention to her surroundings and runs into walls, tables, etc, asked to sing "A God"= 'I am a Child of God' but it was Brennan's night to pick the song and she didn't get her way so she repeated 'A God' over and over until we started Brennan's song
Orion: tried to be patient as I was trying to deal with Brennan but there is only so much a hungry little man can do before the screaming begins, enjoyed hanging out with Gigi outside like a big boy, enjoyed his time with mom after the kids went to sleep but it wasn't as long as usual ... he was a tired boy because he was afraid he was going to miss something so didn't go to sleep like he usually does around 6 for about an hour.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct 9th 2012

Taylor: calmed a very unhappy baby before he walked out the door for work, made phone calls to clarify our utility bill, played racquetball, joined us for dinner (I add this because it is a rare occasion that he has the opportunity especially now that they are down to the wire with a deadline at work), helped the kids finish their bath and finally our nightly routine with the kids before joining his dad for some game time.
Amy: had a long night with Orion, tried a green (add spinach) smoothie with the kids for breakfast (I am just hearing about them but I guess they have been the things for awhile), went to story time at the library ... today's theme was 'babies' ... I learned about this from a friend from our previous ward so we join her every week and the guys that does it is amazing ... there are several songs, books read, a felt board story as well as puppet show, read stories to the kids and their stuffed animal friends they found at the library (they have them labeled with their name and a note that says 'please read to me'), put Brooke down for a much needed nap, played with Brennan and a friend's little boy in the huge pile of leaves in our yard, raked more leaves for Brooke and Brennan, made chicken and rice soup with some left over ingredients that needed to be used (Taylor asked if it was a Progresso can :) ), joined Taylor in play time with Orion, worked out and now blogging.
Brennan: does not want to stay in his own bed for the last few nights ... he says he is cold and needs to be in my bed ... I let him fall asleep and then put him on the couch because now that he is on the top bunk I can't put him back in bed ... forget trying to wake Taylor up, each day he has gotten a little ornerier it seems yet like I mentioned yesterday he will turn right around and be the sweetest little boy that you can't stop hugging ... today it was caring for Orion and making him giggle while I was making lunch, he got upset when I pulled out of the parking lot and we hadn't listened to story time ... the parking lot was full so I had to find a spot on the street :), has a lot of fun in the leaves with whomever is willing to play with him, got a little too wild during bath time which meant it ended earlier and he sweet talked Brooke into joining him ... which happens on an hourly basis ... he tells her to go do things he knows they shouldn't be doing to see if she will get in trouble ... more often than not I hear him tell her because he is not a quiet talker, fell right to sleep after our nightly routine of scriptures and prayer.
Brooke: had a tearful day ... it seemed that looking at her made her cry ... she has 2 of her 2 yr old molars coming in so that might be a contributor, got super sad when she saw our friend Calvin leave story time ... I think she has a little crush because when he was over last week (we do a date night swap with his parents) she would run up to him and give him a little push and then run for him to follow her, is a tornado when she is trying to keep herself awake instead of take a nap ... everything from their closet was out, their pull out drawers under their bed were almost all empty, she had pooped, etc., woke up extremely happy from her nap ... I could hear her singing so I went in and she had her covers up over her head singing her little heart out, she once again tried to keep herself awake tonight by calling to Brennan "what doing Brennan ... Brennan what doing ..." no response because he was out cold.
Orion: was restless from 1am until Taylor calmed him at 6am ... I had tried everything and the last 15 min he decided to scream out of control ... slept better than he had all night after Taylor left until the kids woke him up at 8am (I had him sleeping with me and the others wanted breakfast), didn't want to miss anything while at the library so he was wide eyed and happy until we got home, had a hard time staying asleep all day because there was one thing or another that would wake him up (today was a louder day for the other 2), we discovered he loves the feeling of falling ... I had him giggling so hard he didn't know what to do, loves being outside while everyone else plays in the leaves, gave his dad the best laughs and smiles as we played with him after the other kids went to bed.
 Here is the tree in our front yard that is providing so much fun!
 As you can see from the picture the leaves turned from top to bottom and fell that same way
 Calvin decided it would be fun to stick a stick up the exhaust pipe ... I pulled him away from it and noticed his face had a black smear ... Brennan then got the idea to stick his cheeks on it (he's not happy I was going to wipe it off after the picture)