Sunday, July 1, 2012

july 1st

Taylor- he is back at his life time church calling/assignment ... ward missionary! This means he has the opportunity to fill in as a teacher for the gospel essentials class. Today the lesson was the premortal life. This made things a bit more difficult because Brooke hasns't decided she likes nursery yet and I teach 6 year olds so I can't take her. Papa (Taylor's dad) was the lucky one. The helpers in nursery today wanted to keep her there despite her screaming every 15 minutes or so which was a huge blessing today!

Amy- finished my prep for my lesson on gratitude ... a patriotic sun because the blessings from our Heavenly Father keep us warm just as the rays of the sun. the kids wrote blessings on each ray to remind them how much they are loved and the we talked about how to show gratitude. I have a few wild boys which gives me fear as to what Brennan will be like during his classes as he grows older ... yikes!  I Joined Taylor and Papa for our ward choir practice and was one of 2 altos ... we both just happen to be pregnant so we got the comfy seats and didnt have to stand when the rest did :) We then enjoyed dinner Gigi (Taylor's mom) made while we were gone with help from Brennan while Brooke to a little snooze. It was time for a small nature walk with Gigi so we loaded in the car and headed to a trail about 5 minutes from the house. i made the mistake of telling Brennan he would see animals ... he was expecting giraffes! Luckly there were plaquards with explinations of small little animals you might see on the trail like bugs, squirells, black bird ... Perfect timing because we got back