Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Entertainer

This was Brennan on our Circle Island Tour before school started. All of the other students on our bus thought he was the coolest kid and wanted to take a million pic to send to their family. They said they were going to put the one of him in the hat in the school newspaper. He loved the attention and never let out a single cry, he just went to sleep because he was so tired. It's takes a lot of energy to be the star I guess!

Everyone at church loves the fact that he is in a tie already. Their favorite is the one I made for Easter that matches his dad and papa (Hawaiian print). He also loves to help the grounds grew at school with the quality of dirt they use!

We take Taylor lunch on the days he has class, but as you can see the hot concrete doesn't seem to stop him any. I try to keep him on the grass but he loves to chase the birds and follow all the girls out of class. He wants to see all of you so bad he put himself in a box (I was working out I promise I didn't put him there!), but discovered he needed the Large Flat Rate instead.

He likes the all tile floor (except when he falls or throws a fit) that we have in our house because he can go where ever he wants. He is getting so good he can turn and go back the other way. We are hoping this will encourage him to take steps on his own, but no luck yet. He explains it all to you at the end so make sure you have the sound on!

There haven't been too many hot hot days but this is one, as you can tell by where he ends up.