Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The weather here has been odd (from what we have been told). There have been some really cloudy/rainy days. It keeps the temp. down but makes it more humid. Just after dinner the other night there was a down pore (like a an Arizona Monsoon) so to use up energy we took Brennan out to play in the puddle (the homemade pool as all the other kids were calling it)!
He is a water boy for sure!!!! All we have to do is turn on the water in the bathroom and he comes running whether it is for him or not. His feelings are crushed if you don't let him in with you. Also, now that he is walking/running as soon as his feet hit the sand at the beach, they are headed for the water. Before he would crawl until the wave hit his chin, but now there is no stopping him!!!! His is definitely one of those kids Taylor's dad always told me about: born in Seattle = webbed feet!!!!!! I know that's referring to the rain but Brennan has taken the myth beyond its origins!
If ever you get the chance to watch him and he won't stop crying, turn on the water and he is all SMILES.

Friday, July 2, 2010

An Addition

We have told family but friends have not been informed. On November 19th there will be baby Smart #2!!!!!!! Enjoy the 3D pictures - there are captions at the bottom!

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