Saturday, January 31, 2009


The things that wake me up! It was one of many sleepless nights that I have had sense being pregnant, but this one was interrupted by my bed shaking. Our house is old and without foundation (on post and beam)so it took me a minute to realize what was causing the movement. (The entire house shakes when the washer is on spin cycle, etc.) I thought at first it was just Taylor rubbing his feet together like he often does before he falls asleep or while he is sleeping or his shaken leg syndrome. It wasn't until I listened and heard the shower doors rattling that it occurred to me it was an earthquake!! The joke has become truth, Taylor will sleep through an earthquake! I have some work to do or I will be the one up with the baby EVERY night! He is perfect in every other way though!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Smartie!!!!

Yes, we have known for a while but we didn't tell Arizona friends because we just announced to my family at Christmas. (The video won't load so I will try again later!)

The big day is May 26th and no we are not going to find out what the sex is! There is a poll on the sidebar so please vote for what you think we will have!

Here are few of the ultrasound pictures (some from 12 weeks and some from 20 weeks). The face gave us a good laugh because the day before Taylor's parents had shown us some home videos. The one we watched first was Taylor going to get his picture taken at the age 2. After every flash there he made a face very similar! Also, there is no deny that this Taylor's baby because the foot picture. His toes are freakishly long (my middle finger is as long as his second toe) and the second toe is considerably longer than the bog toe. When he pinches with them he draws blood! FREAK!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Skinner Christmas

For the first time since 2002 that my entire family has been together. There has been someone on a mission, at school or out of state so this was a historic moment for the Skinner family. There are 8 siblings, 6 spouses, 9 nieces and nephews (with three more on the way) and my Dad and Bobbie. Ann and Ty were the ones in charge this year (THANK YOU). They chose to go rustic (cabin with no running water or electricity) which was FUN and as close to camping without camping! There was about 2 feet of snow so Scott was on fire duty all day/night.

The kids were directed by Ann and Ty in the Christmas story narrarated by my dad. The lump in front was the donkey (Great job Brian!).

Here are the stckings that were hung. There are few missing and there are a few that weren't filled (ours!!!!!). Santa ran out before he got to them :( We will be extra good this year to make up for it.

We always do a White Elephant gift exchange! The boys always come up with extremely clever ideas of wrapping. This was Brian's! He drills for a living so there is extra pipe so he used it :)

The trip begins!

We wanted to take a last vacation before it's not just the two of us, so we decided to go back to the place where we spend our honeymoon. Before going I thought there wasn't much to Vegas other than the casinos and all that comes with that, but I was wrong. We have seen several shows there including: Phantom (twice), KA, Mystere, Variety show, Shark aquarium, Lion exhibit, huge water fountain show, Blue Mans Group and Mama Mia. We stayed at a Marriott resort on the strip that is across from the BIGGEST construction site in the Northern Hemisphere (City Center). Enjoy the pictures!!!
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Smart Christmas

Christmas 2008 happened twice for us. We had the wonderful opportunity to host at our little home. There is not a traditional dinner (but I think I started one) so Taylor and I decided to do a Mexican theme. As mom taught me to cook, everything was from scratch! Tamales was the new item, but there was also tostadas, beans, rice, salsa and guacamole. Giving our stomachs time to work on all of that before dessert we opened presents.

Taylor's parents LOVE pictures but has an older camera so we helped them with this. As you can tell from the picture they were extremely surprised and loving the moment. It came just in time for the all the snow so they quickly learned to switch the mode for movies.

Darcie is attending BYUI, so we wanted to help her cut down on the amount she hauled back and forth so we search about 7 stores for an orange bed set. Orange is not a popular color so we got a close and we could.

Both Darcie and Taylor's parents tried homemade gifts this year! We have not complaints with that because their creativity turned out AMAZING. Darcie took socks and filled them with rice and potpourri for a heating pad. On the other hand, the "parentals", took limbs and hallowed out enough of the middle to place a candle. Two very fun ideas which will copied!

I couldn't resist this:

Taylor's parents found this on their cruise to Alaska and it fits PERFECT!

2 years!!!

"A home is where your story begins." December 16th 2006 was that day for us. We have spent that last 2 years in the Seattle area where I have been teaching Spanish and Taylor has continued his education while working at Microsoft.

Last year one for Christmas one of my students gave me gift certificates for McCormick and

Schmicks restaurant. Making the reservation online I was added to their mailing list and on our anniversary come another invitation. Taylor called and talked to the Manager to see what exactly was being offered. As you can see, we decided to take them up on the offer. One of the bonuses we received was a menu printed just for us "Happy 2nd Anniversary!" We went on the 15th because on the next we were leaving after school for Las Vegas (where we spent our Honeymoon) for 5 days and then on to Arizona for the holidays.