Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Brennan loves people but especially the ones that are bigger than him. The kids his size he beats on so they don't want to play, but he doesn't feel the need to beat on ones bigger than him! I wonder why? This is Ule, who will be 2 in a month! We had him and his parents over for dinner and Family Home Evening last night. The boys played and played while we were able to have a wonderful discussion about how Christianity and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has influenced the island of Tonga (that is where they are from).
This was the dinner we were blessed with!!!! The leaf is a Taro leaf with lamb rib wrapped inside and the white stuff is Tapioca. They put the Tapioca on the bottom of the pot then layered on the lamb and slow cooked it in coconut milk. It was yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!! The lamb was the only thing not FRESH from their garden!

We have been blessed with the most AMAZING friends!!!!

Saturday Fun

This is Brennan attempting to make the face Maori (people from New Zealand) guys make as they do a Hakka (chants with motions)!
At the Polynesian Cultural Center they have 6 villages and throughout the year they have competitions for each island the villages highlight. We have gone to the Samoan fire knife, Tahitian dance and Maori Poi/Hakka. Brennan loves to dance along with them!!!!!
I barely had enough batter in the camera for these pictures after I videoed our friends dancing. They danced for 30 minutes so I will spare you the time and not post it! If you ever get the chance you have to see these cultures - they are moving (powerful)!

Locked up

So this may see harmless because it is the outside of our bathroom door. But Brennan learned quickly that is NOT. He shut the door behind him and then opened the drawers and this is what you get!
Taylor and I were on the other side where there are no hinges or way to open it for him. He is tall enough to reach the handle but the drawer was in the way. The light was off and there are no windows for light. Imagine being 14 months old and not understanding what "shut the drawer" means because you are scared out of your mind. You can hear mom and dad on the other side but no way to get to them!
Taylor ran to the housing office to see what they suggested while I stayed with the little man, listening to his cry get louder and louder as well as harder and harder to where he was gaging. We were told that if we did anything to the door we would have to pay for it but if maintenance did they pay. In order to get them here we had to call security! Taylor called and as soon as he hung up with them Brennan had knocked the drawer shut so I could open the door.
We now play games and make it fun to shut drawers!!!!!!!!
Talking to other families that live in the same complex, their kids have done the same thing but their door opened enough to get a knife through to shut the drawer, but ours WOULDN'T.
He is out now and goes in and shots the door but doesn't open drawers until the door is opened again : )

A Special Visitor


They have been filming Pirates of the Caribbean IV for the past little bit here and in Fiji. The Black Pearl was here for a while but we didn't get the chance to see it. The ship that we got to see was the Queen Anne because they began filming when the Captain arrived between 8-10 every night. For an AMAZING pictures of the ship and Captain Jack taken by my friend Leisa, who is a photographer with a nice camera go here (she has posted a few since then so you will have to scroll down a bit but its well WORTH IT). Leisa went the night before with her family and the kids couldn't wait any longer so they left without seeing him :( She then got a text 10 minutes later saying he came : ( : ( : ( That just meant she was going back the next night without kids but adults, THAT WAS US (and Brennan of course because he stays up late)! It was fun to see how he made it a point to touch as many as he could reach and sign something for the kids. We got there around 8 and there was already a line 2 people deep. As time went on more and more showed up and it ended up being 5-6 people deep.

Taylor made a comment that really got people thinking about their actions. He said how would it be if the Savior was to come? Would we be pushing our way to the front or wait patiently knowing He will reach us? Would we have cameras and find every way possible to get a picture even if that meant it was covering someone else's? Will we be reaching for a phone camera because our other one's batteries are dead? Will we have the spirit of contention and only about ME? How are we going to act/be prepared when He comes? Just some food for thought ...

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I forgot about the pictures and videos we had on our camera until we used it the other night so here are some random adventures we have had.

Our friend Joey is from this area so he knows all the places to go! Close to where he grew up there are several fresh water ponds up in the mountain. After 2 plus hours of wandering in the wilderness : ) we decided on a place to stop!!!!! This is the place:

There were 3 spears so the rest of us watched and cheered as they caught a few for us to eat. Being that there is so much water, the mosquitoes were everywhere! To help chase them off we built a fire (also to cook the prawns) so that is where Taylor took the pictures from. Brennan being the water boy that he is couldn't stand the fact that he was so far way so we ventured down and he climbed right in. I wasn't prepared for him to get in but he had other plans : ) so in he went with clothes and a diaper on!

Here are the 3 hunters!

Tyler's needs his eyes checked - it's a fish!

Brennan practicing his kisses!!!!


Brennan has made little friend whose dad is in the military and has to go on trainings for long periods of time. We tried to keep his mom and him busy by going to the beach so here are a few pic. Yes he only has one swim suite, but it is getting small so we just bought a new one. It is orange as well!!! Easier to spot!!!


I wanted to get a picture of the boys but when I remembered Taylor was headed out the door for work and Brennan was asleep already (rare occasion). It was a good day! We gave talks in church on talents and how we can bless each other! Both of our dads were mentioned OF COURSE!!! Then Taylor requested breakfast for dinner because he works nights he doesn't eat breakfast (he wakes up around lunch). We had friends from New Zealand over even though it wasn't Father's Day for them! I debated whether to make Taylor a candy lei or enjoy the smell of flowers : ) I decided I could make a candy one at home so I better get the fresh flowers while we are here!!!!!! He is the most handsome father : ) even with his nap hair!!! We LOVE you Taylor as well as the other fathers in our lives!!!!!


Brennan has found his favorite drawer in the kitchen - the plastic bags! As most kids, he plays with household items more than his own "toys".
The video won't up load but I will keep trying so check back and hopefully there will be success!