Monday, April 27, 2009

Chef Smart

Last year we were given a BBQ from neighbors after we moved into the new house. Taylor has slowly started to add to his menu items. The latest and greatest has been pork chops! Here he is the next Chef America!

Taylor's Fatty

I have been meaning to get pictures of the growing belly, but haven't done it. Last Sunday (35 weeks) Taylor couldn't resist because for one I was wearing PINK and for another my hair was curled. Here is Taylor's FATTY!!!! (That's for my brother Brian!)

Lopez Island

During Spring Break, Taylor was sick so we weren't able to do much. I was able to sew a temple dress for his mom and an outfit for the baby to come home from the hospital, while pampering the sick one as he does for me. Towards the end of the week, he was feeling better and it was my week for date night so I called a family friend for assistance. They have a cabin on Lopez Island (one of the San Juan Islands) which is about a 2 hour drive + a ferry ride northwest of where we live. Being that I was 32 weeks at the time the doctor recommend I not go farther then an hour away, but I snuck out. While we were there we relaxed, hiked, watched the seals, had a picnic and paid the fee.

The fee was to wash the windows in preparation for the BUSY summer ahead. Taylor's dad washed windows for a time while going to school so he has the best solution. We stopped by to get the tools before heading up there, but when it came time to wash Taylor realized he forgot one of the most important items, THE SQUEEGEE!! Thank goodness he is a problem solver, because I would have never thought to use a WINDSHIELD WIPER! We have video but I have yet to figure out how to get it on my blog so the picture will have to do.

He Loves Me!!!!

Taylor has come up with some awesome surprises for me, but this one has been the most surprising! I walked in the door to a trail of pedals leading to our room.

The door was closed, which doesn't happen often. I opened the door to find this ...

Does that not make you smile! If you notice on the left side of the bed there is a dozen roses! He finds joy in making me feel important and loved!!!

Clowning Around

Last summer our Stake had a BBQ where 2500 people came. Taylor and I were selected as part of the planning committee. When the desire for a balloon artist was brought up Taylor looked and me and asked can I tell you secret. After hearing how much they were going to have to pay for I agreed. I had to train and organize the youth volunteers for both face painting and balloon animals. Since then Taylor and I were asked to be the clowns at a ward party (1 year ward birthday). Taylor was the hat and sword man and took the rest of the orders. Taylor even let me paint his face!!!!