Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hawaii here we come!!!!!

As most of you know, Taylor has decided to go to school full time and finish his bachelors degree. After weighing out the pros and cons, we decided it would be best for our little family if he attended BYU - Hawaii!!!!

We were going to go in January, but then in an interview he was asked to stay here (Washington) and work until June. Well, they didn't keep their end of the deal and let him go in January. So luckily they have a term that begins in April! That means we have 2 months to organize everything for school, housing, cars, ... but WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII!!!!!!! See you there!

The Essentials

The other night Taylor's sister went through the temple for the first time (she leaves on her mission in a month) so we had a friend watch Brennan for the evening. After playing at the park he had a good nap and then woke up to a wonderful dinner. In all the hustle to get him dropped off and to the temple on time his diaper bag got left (not to mention there were 3 other bags I was worrying about). It wasn't until we were getting him out of the car at our friends house did we notice the essentials were at home. We let them know what happened and they said they probably had a spare diaper around as well as some food he could eat. I tried to let it go so I could enjoy the session in the temple, and I did as long as I was in the temple. When we got to the car I called to let them know we were on out way, I asked how it went with out the diaper bag and this is what I got ...

"he has a pull up on". (a girlly one at that)

After we apologized several times, she said "I am crafty! No worries." Now the joke is, "Amy, do you have the orange bag?"
Another funny part was, when she reminded her girls that a baby was coming, they ran to their rooms and said "we have to clean". So Brennan is welcome anytime with our without his essentials!

8 months

WOW!!! Time goes by so fast and he grows even faster. He crawls all over the place and pulls himself up on everything. There have been a few times when he has let go and stood for several seconds before falling. Not to mention, his falling is becoming more graceful. His favorite things to play with are; cords, the big screen, or underneath the table (middle picture). We have experimented with several foods and there hasn't been anything he doesn't like. He just complains because I can't keep up with him (one spoon for him and one for me). He got the sign for "milk" down quick and lets us know when he is hungry by doing it! If only I can get him to pick up on the sign for "more" instead of yelling/grunting. The picture on the right and left are ones Taylor took and send me while I was tutoring. The two of them love to play and eat!

We love you Brennan!!!!

December and January


This was my surprise from the best husband ever!!!! He was proud of himself for the arrangement he put together. It was fire and ice roses with red Astoria!!! The guy behind him in line had a bouquet that was pre-made, until he saw the gorgeousness Taylor had created. He put his back and asked for the same arrangement Taylor had. Taylor, you are amazing in more ways than this, and that's why I love you more and more everyday!!!!! Happy Anniversary to the LOVE of my life!!!

If you can believe it Taylor and I have been married for 3 years now! For year 3, we thought IHOP would be a fun place to go because we didn't get the chance to eat breakfast together often (Taylor left for work around 6:15am). After that we roamed around a mall creating our wish list, as we so often do. We did get the chance to enjoy Snowflake Lane (toy solders playing their drums as snow falls, fake snow that is) just the two of us before taking Brennan. We also grabbed dessert before picking up the little man. Our friends that watched him told us we needed to stay out longer, so watch out next time :)


Here are a few photos and videos from our festivities. If you click on a picture it should zoom in, otherwise some of them are extremely small. Sorry, we are trying to save every penny we can :) ENJOY!

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I wanted to do something different for Taylor's birthday this year so after dinner with the family we headed to Seattle. I had plans, but they quickly got changed because we left later than i thought we would. It turned out that we just walked around down town Seattle. It was good to just be out and with the family. This was Brennan's first time there so he was entertaining to watch (his reaction to all the people and lights). We were the only ones with a baby, which felt weird, but that's what the down town life is like even at 7pm on a Wednesday. Happy Birthday!