Sunday, October 10, 2010

Always something new

You can never leave Brennan unsupervised for a second and if you do ... you find him doing things like this ...

He climbed on the toilet first then reached the inside of the sink in order to get a grip to pull himself up to the counter. Then it is into the sink and on with the water. His toothbrush was on the counter so he decided he would use it. It used to be grabbing the toilet paper and running around the house with it still attached but he has moved on to something more adventurous. He keeps us on our toes!!!! The only rest is when he is napping and even then he is here there and everywhere on his bed! I told Taylor the other day that the baby moves more than I remember Brennan moving so things could get really interesting : )

Little helper

Brennan is at that stage where he wants to be in the middle of everything you do!!!! Here a few pictures from my phone I have captured of his longing to be of help and feel needed : )

It does help that he loves water!!!

We have had to hide the broom in the top shelf of the closed or he drags it around all over the house!

Helping fill the flour bucket is so fun ... until Mom closes the lid :'(

Not only is he helping with things around the house he is catching on to babies and their needs/wants! We were at a friend's house, who have a 5 month old, and Brennan saw the bottle on the floor. He quickly picked it up and ran to the bedroom where the baby was, not understanding that he was already sleeping, Brennan just knew this is what makes him happy and wanted to help! Also it has been a long process but he is learning what soft means. He has 6 weeks more practice before it's no longer other babies, but his own sibling (who will one day fight back :) I'm sure).