Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheap entertainment

With the web cam on our lab top came software to spice things up a bit. As we have Skyped with Taylor's parents, all of his grandparents, my brother Brian and my sister Sara we have enjoyed this feature! A few Sundays ago we decided to play with it more now that Brennan is realizing that it is him being recorded. Here is what he came up with...

Brown Fun

It just so happened that our friends the Browns came the very same week Gina did. They were even on the same flight over : ) While they were here, we had the chance to watch their little girl, who is 2 months younger than Brennan. Randomly enough they will have another one in February so the new babies will be 3 months apart : ) They went snorkeling and played around at the golf course and this is what we did with the kids ...

Took them to the Dole Plantation where we ate, played and went on the train. Our favorite part was while we were waiting for our food, we had the kids in the backpacks next to each other and this is what Brennan did : )
We have our hands full already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few days later they had us over to play in the pool and have dinner.

Finally, they took Taylor and I snorkeling because neither one of us has ever been. Much to our surprise they bought us gear so we can go anytime we want now!!!!! THANK YOU BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the two pregos : ) and the kids playing while us adults took turns adventuring.

A Shout Out!!!

I just have to say Taylor is more and more amazing to me everyday!

He has finally started his first semester (has completed 3 terms) here at BYU Hawaii. He is taking 5 classes to equal 14 credits so that he can be eligible for an academic scholarship. As he was signing up for classes (with a counselor) he was not told that 3 of his Psychology classes are all prerequisites for each other!

His teachers are aware of the classes he is in and told him it is because of the work load these 3 classes have not necessarily the content they will be covering. He is working hard to beat the odds as well as be a father and husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His constant worry for a pregnant wife and a very energetic son hasn't stopped nor has his desire to spend time with us! He is making lots and lots of sacrifices as well as asking help from our Heavenly Father knowing all will be taken care of during this time.

We made this move knowing there would be difficult times to bring us together and make us grow in ways we were unaware, and as time passes we are receiving just that!!!!!!!!!! We have your support and can not say THANK YOU enough!!!!! Along with these experiences are coming HUNDREDS of blessings of which we will keep you posted. We know that we are given trials/difficulties but there are always ways to overcome and the blessings are endless!!!!!!!!!!!! We know we are loved, known and watched over by our Heavenly Father as well as our Elder Brother Jesus Christ, the one who made it possible to overcome, and we desire to return to them after our test here!

Sleep Talking

You can't help but love my brothers if you know them at all! Here is why...

I had the fun opportunity to live with Brian and Tod in a one bedroom apartment for several months before I spent a semester in Mexico 6 years ago. Brian had build his bed up on stilts and Tod slept under him. There were many nights they would have conversations in their sleep that were the funniest to listen to because most of the time they didn't make sense. It brings a huge smile to know that they are still finding ways to have their conversations even though they live miles apart!!!!

This is their new way...


Neither one recall anything happened but Tod's wife relayed the story to me. Tod's phone rang and he hit ignore to then curl up to the phone. In so doing he then called Brian back (the one who called him first). A little later his phone went off again, this time his wife tried to take it from him, but he had a death grip on it and curled up to it again. She didn't say how many times this happened but the fact that it even happened in funny enough for me.

Our 1st visitor!

Gina was given a choice to make and she decided to visit us for a week! We love Gigi and thank you for choosing us!!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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