Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15th

Taylor: worked  6-4 today and he must have been super busy with meetings because we didnt hear anything from him all day. most of the time we will get a message at lunch but today was nothing... which isnt a  bad thing we just miss him more, played with the kids before he returned his mom'scarwe had barrowed for the weekend so we didnt have to chance the alarm going off. then went and got atruck load of wood so we can have a fire :)
Amy: tried to teach Brennan and Brooke a lesson this morning by not making breakfast for a while ... they werent ok with the idea of having to wait ... they want somethiing when  they ask for it... i told them that's how i feel when they dont do what Iaske the to do... ot worked for a few hours and then they forgot again :(, organized their drawers  ... put away their shorts and other clothes that  are too small so its a faster process to find clothes and easier to put them away  because they all fit folded nicely, did about 6 batches of laundry, organized my shoes, did the dishes and made dinner before our nightly rountine.
Brennan:  had little better of a day than yesterday, he has started spittingquite often recently and everything i have tried to get him to stop wasnt working so I tried the ole wash your mouth out with soap method and it has worked  so far :), while eatinglunch Brooke was asked to eat her food several times so I ended up taking her plate becuase she was playing with it instead of eating ... she didnt like that so went to brennan for a confort hug  ... he patted her on the back and said its ok 'mom looked im so bigand a good helper' he is a huge helper and a sweetheart which helps me get through those times when he is monster  and refuses to follow directions.
Brooke: Idont knot if her terrible 2's have hit or her teeth coming in are making her crazy but wow she is being so loud and defiant ... she has a high pitch scream that has become of more use as well,  she is doing really well in the morning with no potty accidents but the afternonns are not as successful, her  and Brennan painted pictures read books and played with toys while i folded laundry ... they also had fun with trying to get Orion to play with a little toy he was given by our neighbors,breakfast wa tye only meal she didnt get he food taken from her  which is rare ... she is my inhaler of food.
Orion:  is starting to fight sleep now that he can do more and ismore aware of  the other 2 crazies, Iput couch cushionsaround him today to see how well he would do on his own sitting and he did awesome ... there were a few jolts back and leans to the right but he didnt fold  in half like he has been, he had a super long nap as i folded clothes and listened to music  ...  he most likely will be like the other 2 music lovers i have and he giggled and smiles with me for a good 10 minutes before going to bed tonight ... its our little nightly routine and Im savoring every moment of it because before Im ready he will be joining the other 2 monsters and testing my patience by pushing limits.

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