Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 17th 2012

Taylor: went to work thinking he would get off around 3 but didnt end up leaving the office until after 5, met the missionaries at the church for a church tour ,headed hometo  read scriptures and say prayers before the kids and then we hung out before he played a bit with his dad.
Amy: made a  fire to take a bit of the chill of, read stories and letter books to the kids,wanted to take them to the park but Brennan went wild man so we didnt get to go, eat lunch but quickly felt sick similar to what happened with brennan yesterday so after i put Brooke down for a nap and got Orion  to sleep to I put 'Wild Kratts' on for brennan and laid down myself to see if that would help and thank goodness it did, played with the kids for a bit before Brennan had  a melt down and screamed for what seemed 20 min or more ... our rule is you are in your room if you cry so i took him there and he continued to try to get out and  i thought it was rather ridiculous the tantrum so i went to grab my phone to record it 1)so Taylor could have a little laugh and 2)show him later what i had to deal with :), made dinner and started another fire so the  house would be some what warm as we tried to go to sleep.
Brennan: has now started throwing tantrums :( not sure where all the emotion is coing from but he cries often and is very aggresive at times with anyone around, goes to his room for a while and then is good for 10min before he flips out about something else ... he always gives me a huge hug and kiss and says I follow directions  I follow directions okay Mom after we talk about why he had to go to his room ... I often wonder how it must feel for our Heavenly Father to watch usmake attempt after attempt  to over come our weaknesses ...   He loves us but may not be pleased with our actions which was a concept that took getting married for me to really grasp and I appreciate  Taylor's patience as I learned, Brennan refused to eat lunch  ... he took one look at it and said cnat like it Mom so he went and continued playing while Brooke and I ate  ... this was not going to end  well but he had made his choice and he knows that we eat whne its meal time not when he  feels it appropriate   ... he is really testing boundaries even  more than usual :(, had a huge melt down before finally getting to get and then asked for more 3 different times,sang  most  of the songson his own as we  waited for Taylor to get home for scriptures which was about 20 min of short kid songs!
Brooke: had one accident this morning but then was free the rest of the day  ...that was all her today too ... I didnt take her I waited for her to tell me and them we sat on the potty,looked at Brenna like he was crazy for acting like  he was but she does the same thing on occasion, had fun playing on her own as I dealt with Brennan  ... she is one that loves to be on her own for a while  but then needs to have people but he doesnt allow her that space because  he needs company all the time.
Orion: doesnt like it at all when there is screaming ...  its interesting that they can feel when there is tention and when there is peace even though they cant see or understand everything thats going on around  them ... he is a good reminder to me thatt Brennan once was that angelic and I need to love  him just the same even though he tries my patience asmuch as possible, i dont know if he got the upset stomach too but he seemed to spit up more today and was fussy right before  it come out every time,loves sitting and watching the fire which makes me want to cuddle with him all day long and not do any  other mom duties, he didnt  take a nap between 6  and 8 like he usually does so when i went to feed him  after the other 2 went to bed he fell asleep so we didnt  get our nightly play time in :(

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