Monday, October 15, 2012


Friday: after Taylor  got  off work we decided on a dessert we were  going to take to out game night and headed to the store. We had been trying to plan  this night with 2 other couples for several weeks but one of us was always out of town or had visitors. Wefinally found a day that worked and did it. Oneof the couples is one from our ward who we have been doing date night swaps with and the other is from our old ward who jus happened to know the other couple from west Seattle ... i guess they were meant to be friends or something :) It was decided we were going to make pizza and the kids were going to add the toppings ... we couldnt pull any of the 6 of them away from the toys. after we devoured 3 pizzas it was time for the adults  to play! Outburst was the game that the guys picked and while we played we  enjoyed a little milkand white chocolate fandue.  we were all packing up to go when the was a pounding at the door. it was one of the neighbors saying a car alarm had been going off for 15min. it was ours! there is an electrical problem we randomly found about 2 months ago  that when it rains and the car is parked at a certain angle the alarm goes off and the only way to shut it off is to unhook the battery. we quickly loaded the car in hopes that it wouldnt come back on because some miracle it went off when Taylor started it. the man was not nice about any of it was tried to pick fights with both Taylor and Jeff.
Saturday: Taylor went to the temple as part of our ward's priesthood session while Adam started to take off the popcorn from our ceiling. the kids and I headed off with Gina to a place called Molbacks which is a gardening store but they fun part is every fall they do a little play in the  store. this year it was the Princess and the Pea. there were only 4 charaters which makes it easier for the kids and fun afetrwards because they  can take pictures with all the cast.  after the play we took a few pictures with the kids and pumpkins as well as sticking our heads in a cut for a prepainted scene. Gigi treated us to a pumkin as well as lunch. we then spemd the rest  of the day at her house to allow the boys all the time they needed without having to worry about kids  getting into things or breathing in the popcorn material. at 7 we dropped the kids off at  Calvin's house which meant we got to go on a date! we took our rings to be cleaned and inspected to get their warantee good and then walked around the mall getting a little nit to eat here and a drink there. i have never walked so slow next to Taylor!!! It was fun to take our time and not have to worry about anything.
Sunday: Taylor headed off to a meeting for his new calling as the 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum. Anemail  hadbeen sent out the night before warning the building would be cold because they hadnt gotten te heater fixed yet so we all bundled up and it ended up not being too cold after enough people were there moving around. i dont know what the kids were thinking ... minus Orion ... but they were the worst they have ever been at church. it didnt stop there they were asked to leave nursery because Brennan was hitting and Brooke was pushing as  well as yelling. I didnt know all this happened until wI got in the car. I was horrified and completely embarrassed ... who gets kicked out of nursery? they havent changed much  after we talked to them. brooke is even more defiant and yells 'NO dont want it' or 'NO me want it'... Brennan has tried to  hit me a few times when i have asked him to do soemthing. There is something that switched in them and it needs to change back FAST!!!! We started a fire to see how well it warms the house from where its positioned in the back of the added on portion of the house.

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