Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct 10th 2012

Taylor: went to work early so he could hopefully get off early in order for us to work on a side job, worked and got off early like he hoped so he was home at 2pm, arranged for his parents to watch the kids in order for us to get more accomplished, dropped them off, pulled out sticker bushes (blackberry), picked apples and tomatoes with the kids at Papa and Gigi's, dinner with nightly routine and then to bed :)
Amy: had another crazy night with all 3 kids ... shortly after Taylor's alarm went off Orion started crying because he was hungry but I was in the kids room with Brooke (luckily she had fallen back asleep a few minutes before) ... he came in to make sure I had heard the little man and this was his comment "a mother's work is never done, is it?" ... I don't even remember feeding Orion at his usual 2am so either he was exhauseted and slept longer or I was ... I also don't remember Brennan coming in the second time but I woke up to help Brooke who had exceeded her diapers capacity and he was laying next to me, completely lost it with Brennan this morning and he could tell so he pushed even more ... so much that he ended up just laughing at me as I held a screaming Orion in one arm while dragging him to his room because dropped all his weight and wouldn't walk ... as I went back to feeding the little man Brooke saw the tears of frustration and came to sit next to me and said with a very concerned look "no sad mom no sad" ... I then said a prayer asking for patience and ideas of how to help my kids do what they have been asked as well as reward/discipline them when they do and don't ... a few ideas came and I felt renewed so I went in his room and asked him for suggestions of how we were going to make this situation not happen again ... his reply "Oh Toodles! Use a Mystery Mousecatool, Mom" (can you tell he likes to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse?) ... now its my job to figure out which of the Mystery Mousecatools is going to best solve the problem, after lunch I took a nap with Orion in my arms next to Brennan as he watched a new animal movie I found on Netflix (Brooke was in her bed napping too), worked with Taylor, devised a plan for Saturday with Gigi while our husbands de-popcorn our ceiling, nightly routine and now blogging : )
Brennan: was a MONSTER and pushed the very few buttons I had, calmed down and made me laugh as I talked to him with his out of the blue comment, kept Orion and I warm as we napped next to him, excitedly put his shoes and jacket on so he could go to Papa and Gigi's, sang 'Popcorn Popping' on his own before prayer and fell right to sleep again from playing so hard.
Brooke: had another day full of tears which egged Brennan on because it makes me crazy to hear her every few seconds for no real reason, was woken up to go to Taylor's parents house but was the happiest ever because of it, took a ride or 5 in the wheel barrel and added to the other bruises on her head because she doesn't pay much attention to her surroundings and runs into walls, tables, etc, asked to sing "A God"= 'I am a Child of God' but it was Brennan's night to pick the song and she didn't get her way so she repeated 'A God' over and over until we started Brennan's song
Orion: tried to be patient as I was trying to deal with Brennan but there is only so much a hungry little man can do before the screaming begins, enjoyed hanging out with Gigi outside like a big boy, enjoyed his time with mom after the kids went to sleep but it wasn't as long as usual ... he was a tired boy because he was afraid he was going to miss something so didn't go to sleep like he usually does around 6 for about an hour.

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