Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8th 2012

Taylor: worked, joined us for a trip to Costco, wrestled with the kids, read scriptures and said prayers with the kids as our nightly routine before playing racquetball with his dad.
Amy: worked out :) (I am trying to be more consistent), took the kids to the park, made lunch and returned to the park, did the dishes while the 2 little ones slept and Brennan watched and episode of his favorite show 'Wild Kratts', Costco trip, cleaned the floor (trying to get used to all wood floors is harder than I anticipated), nightly routine with kids, played with Orion after feeding him and now blogging!
Brennan: tried to mimic me as I worked out (I was going to get up early but could get myself out of bed and thought I would do it while the kids could see to let them know I do exercise and its a good habit to have), ask if he could go to work with dad and then play racquetball with Papa,  loved riding his bike to the park and swinging in the little baby swings next to Brooke, saw some other little boys having a picnic with their moms and wanted to join them so he asked if we could have one too ... I told him we could have one in our backyard ... then a friend text and said she was headed to the park so we ran home to make lunch and returned back tot he park to have a picnic and play some more :), insisted on pushing the swing nest to his friend Calvin side to side ... he was asked not to because it was going to hit him ... a few minutes later he decided to try it again because Calvin was gone ... it came back and hit him in the eye ... so he now has a shiner,  had a hard time following directions while at Costco so he had to hold dad's hand, helped Taylor make his protein shake before he went to the gym.
***this happened yesterday but I have to write it down before I forget ... he could sense I was having a hard time (feeling overwhelmed and inadequate) so he climbed up on my bed and laid next to me.  He put his arm around me and said "Mom its okay, I'm right here! Have my balloon! I love you soooo don't be sad!" ... wow did the tears flow after that.  He can be the biggest MONSTER and turn around and melt your heart.  There is opposition in all things!!!!!
Brooke: didn't like the fact that I was not giving her attention while working out so she continued to ask me to pick her up with her HUGE sad eyes, looked like a blueberry after eating her blueberry pancake (she is such a messy eater ... there are very few times I don't have to clean something out of her hair ... did I mention she is almost 2), could have stayed in the swing all day, shook with excitement to see Calvin at the park (during our second trip) ... they were all swing on the big swings this time and she decided to let go right as I gave her a push ... she fell off backwards and was scared for awhile, had a potty accident which forced us to go home ... it ended up being perfect timing for nap anyway so it made it easier for me to gather them up and head home, she decided to not do what I asked her to (take off her shoes) and play with the door hinge ... not knowing she was behind the door with her finger in the crack I shut the door :( ... it was a great day for me to show them why it is important to do what is asked of them for safety reasons alone and she shook her booty as Taylor turned on the blender to make his shake.

Orion: had great tummy time ...he only like to be there if someone is down there with him so after I got up to grab something Brennan jumped at the opportunity to play with his buddy, he is so close to rolling over front to back ... he has done it a few times here and there but never one right after the other, his is also working hard at sitting up ... he doesn't like any of the chairs we have for him because the lean back too far and he can't see what is going on so I set him in the corner of the couch or the middle between the cushions ... he is good at keeping his balance from side to side so he ends up folding in half when I let him sit on his own on the floor and took his first playground swing ride and loved it ... I stopped him to take a picture and he was not happy so I took a video to send to Taylor and he was much happier.   

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