Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct 9th 2012

Taylor: calmed a very unhappy baby before he walked out the door for work, made phone calls to clarify our utility bill, played racquetball, joined us for dinner (I add this because it is a rare occasion that he has the opportunity especially now that they are down to the wire with a deadline at work), helped the kids finish their bath and finally our nightly routine with the kids before joining his dad for some game time.
Amy: had a long night with Orion, tried a green (add spinach) smoothie with the kids for breakfast (I am just hearing about them but I guess they have been the things for awhile), went to story time at the library ... today's theme was 'babies' ... I learned about this from a friend from our previous ward so we join her every week and the guys that does it is amazing ... there are several songs, books read, a felt board story as well as puppet show, read stories to the kids and their stuffed animal friends they found at the library (they have them labeled with their name and a note that says 'please read to me'), put Brooke down for a much needed nap, played with Brennan and a friend's little boy in the huge pile of leaves in our yard, raked more leaves for Brooke and Brennan, made chicken and rice soup with some left over ingredients that needed to be used (Taylor asked if it was a Progresso can :) ), joined Taylor in play time with Orion, worked out and now blogging.
Brennan: does not want to stay in his own bed for the last few nights ... he says he is cold and needs to be in my bed ... I let him fall asleep and then put him on the couch because now that he is on the top bunk I can't put him back in bed ... forget trying to wake Taylor up, each day he has gotten a little ornerier it seems yet like I mentioned yesterday he will turn right around and be the sweetest little boy that you can't stop hugging ... today it was caring for Orion and making him giggle while I was making lunch, he got upset when I pulled out of the parking lot and we hadn't listened to story time ... the parking lot was full so I had to find a spot on the street :), has a lot of fun in the leaves with whomever is willing to play with him, got a little too wild during bath time which meant it ended earlier and he sweet talked Brooke into joining him ... which happens on an hourly basis ... he tells her to go do things he knows they shouldn't be doing to see if she will get in trouble ... more often than not I hear him tell her because he is not a quiet talker, fell right to sleep after our nightly routine of scriptures and prayer.
Brooke: had a tearful day ... it seemed that looking at her made her cry ... she has 2 of her 2 yr old molars coming in so that might be a contributor, got super sad when she saw our friend Calvin leave story time ... I think she has a little crush because when he was over last week (we do a date night swap with his parents) she would run up to him and give him a little push and then run for him to follow her, is a tornado when she is trying to keep herself awake instead of take a nap ... everything from their closet was out, their pull out drawers under their bed were almost all empty, she had pooped, etc., woke up extremely happy from her nap ... I could hear her singing so I went in and she had her covers up over her head singing her little heart out, she once again tried to keep herself awake tonight by calling to Brennan "what doing Brennan ... Brennan what doing ..." no response because he was out cold.
Orion: was restless from 1am until Taylor calmed him at 6am ... I had tried everything and the last 15 min he decided to scream out of control ... slept better than he had all night after Taylor left until the kids woke him up at 8am (I had him sleeping with me and the others wanted breakfast), didn't want to miss anything while at the library so he was wide eyed and happy until we got home, had a hard time staying asleep all day because there was one thing or another that would wake him up (today was a louder day for the other 2), we discovered he loves the feeling of falling ... I had him giggling so hard he didn't know what to do, loves being outside while everyone else plays in the leaves, gave his dad the best laughs and smiles as we played with him after the other kids went to bed.
 Here is the tree in our front yard that is providing so much fun!
 As you can see from the picture the leaves turned from top to bottom and fell that same way
 Calvin decided it would be fun to stick a stick up the exhaust pipe ... I pulled him away from it and noticed his face had a black smear ... Brennan then got the idea to stick his cheeks on it (he's not happy I was going to wipe it off after the picture)

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