Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18th 2012

I didnt write yesterday because I  fell asleep feeding Orion  ... I guess I was tired! a quick run through of events yesterday ... the kids and I went with our friendsCalvin and Kylie to a place full of boucy house/obstacle course ... I didnt get any pictures this time because Iwas the one playing with the kids where as a few months ago when Taylor was jobless we wentand he played while I (pregnant me) watched and took pictures/video so I will have to find those and post them because the place is super fun ... Orion was really awake and kicking his feet as he watched so i took him out of his seat for a bit and took  hin one of the houses that wasnt as bouncy and he loved every minute of it  ... i wanted to slide down one ofr the smaller slides with him but was getting quite a few stare downs andfunny looks so I didn't, after a really long nap Calvin came over so his parents could go on a date ... we made a car town out of cardboard and toilet paper rolls and had dinner before calming down a bit for the movie Rio, Taylor worked and got home just after Calvin came tochange his clothes to play racquetball after which was bed time.

Taylor: worked from home today so I could take Orion to get his shots and didnt have to take all 3 kids like I did the time before, called around and looked at cars to trade the Jeep in for, escorted me to the temple ;)
Amy: took Orion to get his shots ... he didnt get them  when we took him in for his 2 month check up becausse he wasnt old enough yet ...  with  Taylor not sure  when he would start  as a full time employee and switch insurance we took him in 2 weeks earlier and found out  that the state pays for the vaccines all we have to payis for s registration fee ofsome sort because we now dont have insurance until Nov ... we had another  appointment set but all the employees at the office got a virus and didnt want to spread that to our little man, had lunch and then started the car hunt.
Brennan: was bummed he didnt get to go with Orion to get "him check up", loved every minute that he got to wrestle with Taylor while I was gone, he has a thing  with cars ... every car we see despite its color he will say "like Papa's car" "like our car" like Gigi's car"  so when we told him we were going to lookat cars he asked "like Papa's car (thats his  afvorite  ...  he always wants go  with him), enjoyed a night with  Taylorss parents while we were at the temple.

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