Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11th 2012

Taylor: worked, played racquetball, bathed the kids, talked insurance with me (now that he is a full time employee for the first time since we have been married as of 10-01-2012) and did a few home repairs before it rains tomorrow.
Amy: prepped meat for tamales for dinner, worked on the "Mystery Mousecatool" to assist in more obedient children, updated a resume in order to possibly work at the gym's kids club, dropped Taylor off at the gym and met the manager to turn in my resume and application, hunted a few stores for pumpkin trash bags to put our leaves in ... was not successful :(, finished the tamales and now blogging after our routine.
Brennan: started off the same as yesterday but I was more rested and talked to him right off letting know we weren't going to have a repeat day which was productive :), worked on the triangle portion of his shapes booklet, colored while I worked on my resume and watched videos of himself on my phone ... he wanted to call Taylor so when he called to let us know he was on the his way home I let Brennan answer the phone and his eye lit up, fell asleep at the last stoplight before our house on the way back from dropping Taylor off at the gym so we had to run the rejuvenated energy off by playing the leaves with Brooke, waited patiently for dinner after his bath ... so much so he almost fell asleep again because he was sitting still and sang "I am a Child of God" on his own before prayer.
Brooke: started the day awesome with telling me 3 different times she needed to go to the bathroom ... the rest of the day I guess she got too busy and forgot because there were too many successful trips, screamed for Taylor as he walked toward the gym ... she said before she began "miss you Dad", inhaled 5 tamales not to mention all the meat she grabbed as I was assembling them and got her wish granted for the song we sang before prayer.
Orion: had an uninterrupted 3 hour nap today, gave Taylor a huge smile when he sees him after work as he always does : ) once again thought he was going to miss something and didn't sleep around 6 so when I feed him at 8 he fell asleep within the first few sucks.

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